Christine has been instrumental in helping me evolve into the sane, secure and spiritual woman that I am now! She’s helped me through a number of transitions, from moving across the country and building a new life, to coping with a boyfriend’s alcoholism, to acknowledging (and accepting) the fact that sexual abuse from my childhood still influences parts of my life today.
She’s not a crutch, and she doesn’t attempt to answer the hard questions for me. What she’s amazing at, is helping me see my subconscious patterns and behaviors, as well as figuring out how or whether I want to change them.
– B.T., California

Words cannot describe the immense impact that Christine has had on my life. Because of the work we’ve done together, I’m able to recognize my own inner strength and use that to become a strong young woman. Christine and I have had a fabulous four years working together, and I cannot wait to keep growing under her guidance! Her talents as a therapist continue to astound me each and every time we meet.
-RM, Manhattan

When I first met Christine, I was in the midst of my quarter-life crisis, but didn’t realize what was happening. At a time when I felt depressed and alone, she helped me deal with the changes in my life. Through my work with her I was able to feel more inspired in my work and relationships. She helped me clarify my goals. Last year I was accepted to graduate school in Spain. I continue to work with Christine over Skype videoconferencing from Spain.
– AO, Spain

I retired a few years ago and was feeling lost and lonely. My daughter suggested that I talk to a therapist, and I started meeting with Christine. During our meetings, she helped me create a retirement life that I am very excited about.
– LC, South Carolina

My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 5 years ago. Seeing her suffer is the hardest thing for me. Christine’s support was just what I needed, and it is great that I can speak Spanish with her because that’s my first language. Christine helped me learn about Alzheimer’s and how to cope with my wife’s memory loss. I really appreciate Christine’s willingness to speak with my wife’s neurologist for me on several occasions and to meet with me and my two sons as a family.
– PD, Manhattan