Telephone/Video Coaching

Research has found that telephone and video coaching are becoming an increasingly popular and effective means to communicate. As our lives are becoming more hectic and stressful, there is an increasing demand for support and even less time and flexibility to schedule office appointments. Coaching over the telephone or through video conferencing is an easy and convenient way to get the help you want.

Telephone and video coaching is especially beneficial for the following types of clients: those with busy schedules, those who travel frequently, those suffering from illness, those who are homebound, those who are caring for a loved one at home, and those with transportation challenges.

Benefits of Telephone and Video Coaching:

1. It is private and convenient.
2. You can have your coaching sessions in the comfort of your home, couch, office, hotel room, or even in your car or outdoors in the sunshine.
3. You can make an appointment sooner than you could for an office appointment.
4. There is no additional fee for telephone or video coaching.
5. It saves you money (i.e., homecare and childcare fees, transportation costs).
6. It can happen any time of day or evening and from any location in the world.
7. You don’t have to travel to an office for your appointment.
8. You can be anywhere in the world and still have face to face appointments on live video.

Much of Christine’s work with clients occurs with Skype video conferencing or over the telephone. If you aren’t familiar with Skype, you can download the latest version of it for free by clicking on this link or the icon below. With Skype video coaching, you can be anywhere in the world and have your session face to face with Christine. Additionally, if you own a Smart phone (i.e., Blackberry, Android, IPhone), you can download the Skype application to your phone and use your phone for video sessions, while on the move.

Please note that there are limits to confidentiality should you choose to communicate via telephone, video conferencing, e-mail communications, or text messages.