Consultation for Therapists

face-535769_1280Dr. Christine Greer O’Connor provides case consultation to therapists who provide psychotherapy to individual adults and couples. It is common for therapists to have questions about their cases and to seek consultation about challenges that arise in their clinical work. The goal of consultation is to increase your confidence as a therapist, build your understanding of theory and techniques, and most importantly, enhance your ability to help your clients achieve their goals.

By providing a safe, confidential setting, Christine creates a space in which you will feel comfortable exploring conscious and unconscious forces that may be influencing the dynamic between you and your clients. In your consultation meetings, Christine will encourage you to apply knowledge of both theoretical concepts and clinical techniques to your understanding of your cases. You will also have an opportunity to discuss the impact that culture has on the client-therapist relationship.

Consultation is provided in individual sessions at Christine’s office at Metro Center, by phone, or by video conferencing.

Christine has been providing psychotherapy to clients for 12 years, and she is currently enrolled in the Supervision Training Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry.

If you’d like more information about case consultation with Christine, please feel free to call her at 202-630-2519 or email her using the email form on this website.