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Experiencing a life transition can feel overwhelming.

Entering a new phase in your life? Life transitions, like graduating from college, moving to a new place, getting engaged, or ending a relationship, can feel very overwhelming. Changes that result from life transitions are an inevitable part of life, and much of our happiness and satisfaction depends on how we navigate these times of transition.

You can create the life you want.

Dr. Christine Greer O’Connor, a licensed psychotherapist in practice for the past 12 years, has extensive experience helping clients make successful life transitions, and she understands how transitions can affect your sense of self and your relationships. She is effective at helping individuals and couples successfully navigate turning points in their lives. She is the founder and director of the Quarterlife Center, a consortium of licensed therapists who specialize in providing counseling to adults in their 20s and 30s.

Having received her MSW from Columbia University and her Ph.D. from New York University, Christine is prepared to provide support and guidance to clients in a safe, confidential setting. She works with clients across the nation and throughout the world, using video conferencing and telephone. She also meets with clients in her offices in Washington, D.C., and Greenville, S.C.  She is fluent in Spanish and has expertise working with international clients. All lifestyles are welcome.